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( Greetings )

Hi… Welcome to Bahasa Indonesia world !!!

First of all, let me introduce myself. Nama saya Mr. Zecky. Could you guess what I said ?. Yup !!! My name is Zecky. I always use “ Learning by playing ” method in teaching in order to not make bored in my class. Through this site, I’ll try to teach you about learning Bahasa Indonesia. By learning Bahasa Indonesia with me, you’ll see how funny, simple, and easy Bahasa Indonesia is. I’m sure you’ll feel comfort and relax while you’re learning it.

This site will contain of many lessons where each lesson will be given by different topics. Also, this site will offer a lot of exercises in different types in each lesson. Don’t be confused with the pronunciation, this site will teach you.

If you see smile icon ( J ), it means that you have to say or pronounce the phrase.

So, don’t waste your time !

Before start the lesson, you must read The Introduction and learn how to spell characters in Indonesian

Lets’s start lesson 1….

Bahasa Indonesia is a language of Indonesia. It is simple and easy. It doesn’t make us confused because there is no different tenses usage.

In Lesson 1, I’ll introduce you with greetings and farewells in Bahasa Indonesia. In Indonesia, it’s more polite if we say greeting when we meet people whom we’ve known before, particularly older than us. Saying greeting shows that we know and respect to them. Aside that, it also shows our hospitality.

Now, Let’s check them out !

( Listen the pronunciations carefully, practice them by yourself, and try to speak them! )

(if you find (….’….) Open and read The Intoduction for learn how to spell characters in Indonesian)

Halo ! (ha’lo)

Hello !

Selamat pagi ! (se’la’mat-pa’gi)

Good morning!

Selamat siang ! (se’la’mat-si’ang)

Good afternoon !

Selamat sore ! (se’la’mat-so’re)

Good afternoon !

Selamat malam ! (se’la’mat-ma’lam)

Good evening !

I hope you are not confused with our first greetings subject in Bahasa Indonesia above. Have you seen something different in meaning Good Afternoon ?. Yup!!! In Bahasa Indonesia, afternoon has 2 different meanings, they are siang and sore. How can you differ them ? They depend on the time. We can say siang when the time is between 10.00 am to 2.59 pm, and sore is between 03.00 pm to 06.00 pm.

Some greetings phrases above are used for greeting people whom we met. Now, we’ll learn about farewell. It’s also necessary to be said before taking separate each other.

Selamat tinggal ! (se’la’mat-ting’gal)

Good Bye !

Sampai jumpa lagi! (sam’pai-jum’pa-la’gi)

See you again !

“Sampai jumpa lagi!” can also be meant as “see you later”, “see you soon”, and “see you next time”.

You also can say goodbye with adverb of time, when you’re going to meet him/her again.

Explore some phrases below!

Sampai jumpa (lagi) minggu depan ! (sam’pai-jum’pa-la’gi-ming’gu-de’pan)

See you (again) next week !

“lagi” has the same meaning as “again”. It can be used or not.

In fact, word “minggu” has 2 different meanings. Generally, “minggu” means “Sunday”. However, in this context, because 1 week ( 7 days ) is called “seminggu”, it’s shorter to be “minggu”.

And for word “depan” means “next”. It’s also meant as “in front of”.

The basic form to say goodbye with adverb of time is :

SAMPAI JUMPA (LAGI) + adverb of time

Some adverb of time that can be used are :

“besok” means “tomorrow”,

“bulan depan” means “next month”,

“tahun depan” means “next year”.


Ø + besok

Ø + minggu depan

Ø + bulan depan

Ø + tahun depan

Additional Note :

” bulan” means ”month”.

“ tahun” means “year”.

Also, there are a lot adverbs of time such as days name, time, and how long you’re going to meet him again, for example : 2 days again, 2 months again, etc. Wanna know more ? First of all, you need to learn about days, time, and also number. Of course, we’ll discuss it in the specific topic that will be given on the other lesson. So, don’t miss it!.

Okay! Let’s continue.

There are some common farewell phrases that ‘s usually said. Here they are.

Hati – hati ! (ha’ti-ha’ti)

Take care!

Semoga berhasil ! (se’mo’ga-ber’ha’sil)

Good luck !

Selamat belajar! (se’la’mat-be’la’jar)

Happy studying !

Semoga perjalanan kamu menyenangkan !


Have a nice traveling !

Semoga hari kamu menyenangkan ! (se’mo’ga-ha’ri-‘ka’mu-me’nye’nag’kan)

Have a nice day !

Some phrases above are usually said after saying goodbye and we’ll take separate them. Aside that, there are also farewell phrases that’s said before going to the bed.

Selamat tidur! (se’la’mat-ti;dur)

Good night!

Mimpi indah! (mim’pi-in’dah)

Have a nice dream !

Tidur yang nyenyak! (ti’dur-yang-nye’nyak)

Sleep tight!

Okay, friends!. We’ve learned how to say greetings and say goodbye. Are you confused ?. of course not, right!

To master the materials that have been already given, review all the materials, listen the pronunciations carefully ( replay if it’s necessary for you), practice them by yourself, try to pronounce it, and speak it loudly.

Now, for practicing, try to say greetings and farewells to your your family or your friends. Make a short conversation in Bahasa Indonesia.

I’m sure you could master Indonesian faster.

We’ll meet again in the next lesson….

Good Luck !

Sampai jumpa! ( See you ! )

See you in the next lesson…..


luzuko mbuqu said...

I love Bahasa Indonasian language and thank you for this site.

luzuko mbuqu said...

I love Bahasa Indonasian language and thank you for this site.

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Smile since it is indeed the best medicine especially to a broken heart and don't stop inspiring us, your readers with your wonderful posts. Visit my site for more information and have a good day. Cheers.