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What is about Indonesian language?

At first, Indonesian might appear extremely simple. It's a nontonal language with no tense suffixes or prefixes, no case genders or definite articles, no declensions, no conjugations, not even a verb "to be."

Don't worry about grammar and sentence construction at first. Just concentrate on memorizing the most important commonly used words and phrases in this appendix, all selected specifically for their value to travelers.

It's not very difficult to pronounce Bahasa Indonesia in a way that it's understood by even those who never come into contact with foreigners. Remember to keep it simple

what the unique at learning Indonesian language?

The unique course at learning Indonesian covers all that is needed to learn Indonesian effectively and without stress:

þ Clearly explained lessons, described in a lively and friendly language

þ Recordings of pronunciation of all Indonesian words

þ Exercises assessing commandment of each lesson

þ Opportunity to learn in any place, at any time

þ Unlimited time of access to the course

þ Prices incomparably lower than private lessons or traditional courses at language schools

What does this Indonesian course include?

The course in learning Indonesian language consists of 14 fascinating lessons, enriched with recordings and interactive exercises. Each lesson is worth one hour of an exhaustive individual lesson with a highly professional teacher. The course rounds off with an exam checking the knowledge gained.

For whom is this course prepared ?

This course is prepared for foreigner who plan to visit Indonesia, such as travelling, studying, or also business. Therefore, when they can communicate fluently and can say what they are talking about or restricted to traveling with a translator, you need to be able to communicate with that cheerful, friendly, curious populace out there. This booklet provides one approach to learning a very basic level of the Indonesian language, Bahasa Indonesia, with no strain.

The Indonesian course at learning Indonesian language is recommended especially to:

þ People wishing to learn the Indonesian language on their own

þ Adults wishing to start learning Indonesian from the beginning or brush up their knowledge

þ Foreigner who plan to visit Indonesia.

Why is it worth to Learn Indonesia language?

Here is what you gain when you go through all 14 lessons of the Bahasa Indonesia course with Mr.Zecky:

þ You will learn about 1000 words and phrases in Indonesian

þ You will grasp the right accent and Indonesian pronunciation

þ You will learn to speak Indonesian in everyday situations

þ You will acquire the basics of Indonesian grammar and know how to make new sentences on your own

þ You will understand the most important differences between English and Indonesian

þ When you visit Indonesia, you have been able to communicate well and understand what Indonesian people said hence you can’ be lied.


All the lessons out of 14 are free. You can see and practicle how so easy bahasa Indonesia.

Don't wait to learning the lesson, as it may happen you'll forget about this site or forget its address and never come back again. In this way you can lose a golden opportunity to start a wonderful adventure with the bahasa Indonesia, an adventure which can change your life.

Come on. What you waiting for!

See You at the Course!

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