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Lesson 4 Demonstrative Pronouns




After learning about personal pronouns, then we’ll learn how to ask or to demonstrate something.

But, before we continue to next stage, i shall test to what you true have realized lesson that i have given previous.

If you see smile icon ( J ), it means that you have to say or pronounce the phrase.

say word under this, and look for to mean in english.









I am sure that you have understand that

After a little test on a while ago, now we ready for next lesson. Where shall we discuss demonstrative pronouns

( Listen the pronunciations carefully, practice them by yourself, and try to speak them! )

(if you find (….’….) Open and read The Intoduction for learn how to spell characters in Indonesian)

Demonstrative pronouns

Example :

For asking about thing that you’re holding

“ini” means “this”

Ini (I’ni)


For asking about thing that’s in front of, far from you, or pointed toward by you.

“itu” means “that”

Itu (I’tu)


The next is that the word which something is intended to “ini” and “itu”

“Apa?” means “What?”

Ask about things and animals

Apa (A’pa)


“Siapa?” means “Who?”

Ask about people.

Now, let’s combine the previous words, become a question.

You ask about what a thing that you’re holding is.

“Apa ini?” means “What is this?”

Apa ini (A’pa I’ni)

What is this

You ask to someone who’s next to you.

“Siapa ini?” means “Who is this?”

Siapa ini? (Si’a’pa I’ni)

Who is this?

You ask about what a thing that’s in front of you is.

“Apa itu?” means “What is that?”

Apa itu? (A’pa I’tu)

What is that?

you ask, who is somebody laid at far

“Siapa itu?” means “Who is that?”

Siapa itu? (Si’a’pa I’tu)

Who is that?

Updated-additional knowledge for you.

“itu” is a qualifying word here.

In an Indonesia sentence the qualifying word comes after the noun it qualifies.

“itu” as an article refers to things, animals or persons that have been mentioned before.

The context will show whether “itu” is translated by “the” or by “that”.

If it is already understood which thing, animal or person is meant, we do not use the aeticle “itu”:

“that is the table” means “itu meja”

“table” means “meja”

Itu meja (I’tu Me’ja)

That is the table

Another example is

“The dog” or “That dog” means “anjing itu”

Anjing itu (an’jing I’tu)

The dog, that dog

“The driver” or “That driver” means “Supir itu”

Supir itu (Su’pir I’tu)

The driver, that driver

When you visit Indonesia, of course you want to buy something for your family, friend, or your copule, it’s called “oleh-oleh”, but you’ve to know how to ask the price of the things that you want to buy.

After that, while going toward a shop, and there’s a beautiful thing that attract you to buy it, and you’re eager to buy it. Say “how much is the price?, to ask the price.

You point toward a thing that’s showed in the shop window. You use article “Itu” or “That”.

We’ll take a necklace as an example.

“Berapa harga kalung itu?” means “How much is that necklace?”

“Berapa harga” means “How much”

Berapa harga (Be’ra’pa Har’ga)

How much

“Kalung” means “Necklace”

Kalung (Ka’lung)


“itu”, you still remember our previous subject, don’t you? It means “That”

“Berapa harga kalung itu?”

Berapa harga kalung itu? (Be’ra’pa Har’ga Ka’lung I’tu)

How much is that necklace?

We take an example that the thing is an earing.

“Berapa harga anting itu?” means “How much is that earring?”

However, if you’ve held that thing, you use “Ini” or “This”.

Let’s take a ring as an example.

“Berapa harga cincin ini?” means “How much is this ring?”

“Cincin” means “Ring”

Cincin (Cin’cin)


“Ini”, you also still remember, means “This”.

Berapa harga cincin ini? (Be’ra’pa Har’ga Cin’cin I’ni)

How much is this ring?

(listen the pronounciations carefully, practice them by yourself, and then try to speak them!)


Berapa harga Anting ini? / itu?


After salesclerk understands which you want, may be there difference in goods whom you chose a while ago, can the colour, its for or the size.

For that be need adverb that can distinguish which you choose.

that relative pronoun “Yang”.

Yang (Yang)


“Yang” has 3 uses.

1. “Yang’ is used to emphasize an adjective; especially when two adjectives follow the noun.


Kaos yang putih (Ka’os Yang Pu’tih)

The White shirt

Sepatu yang merah (Se’pa’tu Yang Me’rah)

The Red shoe

2. “Yang” has also the function of the English propword one, ones


Yang mana? (Yang Ma’na)

Which one?

Yang mana anda suka? (Yang Ma’na An’da Su’ka)

Which one do you like?

3. “Yang” can also be compared with the relative pronouon who, which, that


Kalung yang kamu pegang (Ka’lung Yang Ka’mu Pe’gang)

Necklace which you hold on

Roti yang kamu makan (Ro’ti Yang Ka’mu Ma’kan)

Bread which you’re eating

I have fit minor for this theme, that is direction and colours.

( Listen the pronunciations carefully, practice them by yourself, and try to speak them! )

(if you find (….’….) Open and read The Intoduction for learn how to spell characters in Indonesian)

Kanan (Ka’nan)


Kiri (Ki’ri)


Biru (Bi’ru)


Coklat (Cok’lat)


Hijau (Hi’jau)


Hitam (Hi’tam)


Kuning (ku’ning)


Merah (Me’rah)


Putih (Pu’tih)


you certain can develop with your sentences self.

You’ve understand, haven’t you?, I’m sure you have.

We are done for today. We have learned a lot of very important thing. Take some time to practice them.

I’ll give you many vocabularies. Use this vocabularies for practicing. As I’ve said before, by practicing immediately, you’ll master it faster.

It’s funny, isn’t it? In the next lesson, I’ll teach you how to pronounce numbers, a clock, and calender in Bahasa Indonesia. Not only those topics but also many interested topics that will be taught to you.

There are a lot of lessons and knowledge more funny, so that it will make you feel happy and comfort in learning Bahasa Indonesia. Hence, what you’re waiting for…..

Good luck and see you soon in next lesson!

I stand by you in the next lesson!

Good bye! It’s pleasure to meet you!


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